John 10 : 10 “… I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

 Background of A.M.U. 

Hidden in her house with her family, Rose bargained with God “If you save me with my family I will serve you. The 1994 genocide perpetrated against Tutsi in Rwanda left many orphans in streets. Broken by the hardship those little ones had to face, Rose founded Association Mwana Ukundwa “A.M.U.”

On 19 march 1995 Rose started with 40 children and reintegrated in foster families.  A.M.U. is a non-profit Christian organization and has legal personality since 2001. Now over 5,000 children and their families had been benefited from A.M.U. interventions. A.M.U. works with 45 local churches and 30 schools with about 55,000 people. A.M.U. is a Non-Government Organization was started based on the ideology of improving the quality of life for OVCs guided by the philosophy of “Teaching people how to fish rather than giving them fish”

Our objectives 

  • Provide spiritual education to children, youth and their guardians;
  • Sensitise children, youth and guardians to prevent against HIV/AIDS infection and to care for those already infected by that pandemic;
  • Empower socio-economically the families for self-sufficiency;
  • Support education of vulnerable children.

Zone of intervention

Our operational zone covers five districts of the Republic of Rwanda. We operate through our 4 branches covering 5 districts:

  • Huye branch. It covers Huye and Gisagara Districts of the Southern Province – 1995;
  • Kigali branch that covers Kicukiro district in Kigali City – 1996;
  • Karongi branch covering Karongi district in Western province – 2001;
  • Kayonza branch covering Kayonza in the Eastern – 2015.